New Lounge MoneyInformation

Dear Supporters,

After investing in the New Lounge with a view to staying at the vaults until the end of the year the works on the station have finally overrun us.

This means the last night of the Lounge was on Saturday 26th June.

We thank you sincerely for sticking with us over our years of uncertainty in the vaults and hope you have had as much fun as we had.

Our operations have moved over to Bermondsey Street where we have just extended our brilliant show MONEY until September.

We plan to continue our artistic programme in the Shunt Yard (site of the MONEY show), in addition to the show. We will also have our Brazilian barbeques and entertainment there on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays throughout the summer so wander down and enjoy the English summer with us.

We will keep you posted as we plan new and exciting projects for the future and hope you will continue to follow and support us at Bermondsey Street.

All our love,