The Lounge was a late night club, open for four years, hosting over a thousand artists and welcoming an audience of half a million. For £5 on a weekday or £10 at the weekend, punters could enter the space and see everything on offer, from the work of shunt artists, to guest established artists trying some new idea out, to young companies presenting work for the first time. From week to week the programme changed and the curations stretched from the front door in London Bridge Station, through the box office, the 115m long entrance, and into all the nooks and crannies of the bar. 

Its unique atmosphere was built by the Shunt founders who managed the project both creatively and on the floor, sharing the curation. Andrea Salazar oversaw the space, with a crack team of makers and technicians, to realise the continual redesign of the building. The keys to the building were always in the hands of the artists.

A maze of vaults underneath London Bridge station is the unlikely home of one of the city’s coolest and dampest fringe venues. Officially a members club (non-members have to queue for entry) shunt offers a weekly line-up of Live art, theatre, music and pretty much any avant-garde event they happen to devise. Boundary bending is an understatement here as shunt goes out of its way to make sure every night is unique. Expect themed club nights to morph flamboyantly into performance events and interactive theatre shows (often led by the in-house shunt collective) subjecting you to a sensory overload.

A music, art and performance space that occupied the vaults beneath London Bridge from 2006-2010. Founded by a collective of artists, for four years it played host to all manner of weird and wonderful performances : theatre and dance, art installations, film screenings, bands and DJ's, all tied together with an undercurrent of wild abandon. Along with providing a unique location in which to showcase performance of all kinds, something in the nature of the venue fed into the hedonistic tendency : it was as if the visiting crowds, descending into a space that existed physically outside the confines of everyday life, felt themselves exempted from its rules.

Directed and curated by SHUNT
Building and production manager: Andrea Salazar
Head of workshop: George Tomlinson
Head of tech: Stephen Royle
Producer: Luke Cooper
Images from work by Tom Duggan, Brendan Walker, Lewis Gibson, Nigel&Louise, Gemma Brockis, Callum P Crouch, Serena Bobowski, Lizzie Clachan, Superthriller, Season Butler, and everyone.